ROUND HOUSE started its career in 1975, as an instrumental quintet including two guitarists, a keyboards player and a rhythmic section. From this period, one can only find two studio albums and one track on the ""The Seventies West Japanese Rock Scene"" compilation. Since 1985, the band experiences a long standby, that will last about fifteen years.""Live @2001 In Osaka"" sees ROUND HOUSE, now a trio, back on track. Jointly published by the Musea and Poseidon labels,""3-D""(2006) features nine unreleased instrumental tracks. The intense and nostalgic atmospheres of some of them, with their lyrical guitar parts and symphonic keyboards layers, are not so far away from CAMEL. Most of the tracks evolve in KENSO or BRAND X territory as well. Here's a virtuoso music, melodic at the same time, dynamic and suggestive. Brilliant !
  • Round House - 3-D [CD]
GenrePopular Music


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