This repair material is a ready-to-use 2-part epoxy finishing adhesive material that dries to a flexible hardness. It is ideal for repairing plastic parts such as bumper covers and body panels. It applies easily from a 3M applicator gun mixing nozzle, with no pre-mixing or measuring. It is quickly sandable for excellent featheredge, and paintable in as little as 30 minutes. This two-part epoxy finishing adhesive has a worktime of eight minutes and can be sanded with 180 grade abrasive in 15 minutes for an excellent featheredge across the entire repair area. The material is suitable for repairing scratches, gouges and deformations of flexible automotive exterior plastic parts including bumper covers.
  • Durable yet flexible for automotive plastic panel repair and for matching OEM seam sealers
  • Two-part epoxy adhesive is automatically metered for proper ratio
  • Easily sandable in 15 minutes for a smooth finish without rework
  • Paintable in as little as 30 minutes for increased vehicle throughput
  • Works with 3M applicator guns and adhesion promoters for added speed and efficiency
Dimensions8 x 5 x 2 inches

3M 35887 EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair - 50 ml


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