• Contains 3M precision-shaped abrasive grain, coated on a heavy duty backing
  • Resin bonded for heat resistance
  • Coated with a dry grinding aid to help reduce heat buildup
  • 3M precision shaped ceramic grain continuously fractures into sharp points that cut exceptionally fast, helping increase productivity
  • Engineered to run cooler, reducing metal discoloration/oxidation and the chance of heat related stress cracks
  • Coated with a dry grinding aid to further enhance the products ability to run cooler and cut faster
  • Case Inner Pack - 10 belts per box
  • Grade - P80 Grit
  • Abrasive Mineral - Cubitron II
  • Wet or Dry - Dry
  • Size - 0.5 x 18 in.
    ColorAs Shown

    3M Company 3M-33446 Cubitron II File Belt 0.5 x 18 in. - 80 Plus


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