*4" Flange.
*Coconut shell activated carbon filter.
*Safe and effective operation.
*Maintenance free design.
*Cotton filter pad.
*Pre-filter included.
*Three cotton filter pads encase carbon to avoid carbon leaking out and wasting.
More convenient to keep the outermost pad clean.
*Two free elastic ropes to fix the filter pad.
Advantages of Our Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter:
*Light weight and more practical.
*Excellent abrasive resistance and more durable.
*Superior small hole construction and high-performance sorption.
*Large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity.
*Adsorb particulate faster and more effectively than other carbon.
*950 high iodine adsorption value, much stronger adsorbing ability.
*Iodine adsorption value is a performance parameter of activated carbon.
*The higher iodine adsorption value, the stronger adsorbing ability.
*With the same iodine value, the filtering effect of coconut shell active carbon is the best.
*53% open hole area by professional design to allow more air flow to get through.
Package Includes:
*1x 4" Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Air Filter
*2x Elastic Ropes
**With coconut shell activated carbon, our excellent air filter can filter particulates and odors effectively, and help you to make healthy working environment. Enjoy your healthy life!
  • 4" Flange; Overall Size: 10" Tall x 7" Bottom Diameter
  • Coconut shell activated carbon filter
  • Safe and effective operation
  • Maintenance free design
  • Cotton filter pad

4" 150CFM Hydroponic Air Carbon Filter Odor Control Scrubber for Inline Exhaust


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