Clarify your water naturally and cultivate beneficial bacteria with these Polypropylene Bio-balls! They promote gas exchange and increase dissolved oxygen levels, then filter the water as the bio-balls combine with organic waste to dissolve it. Due to the unique geometric design of our bio-balls, the biological loads are maximized within much smaller filter areas.
  • 200pc of 1.2" diameter Aquarium Bio-balls
  • Simply Rinse and Use, Easy Maintenance
  • Dense Hole Structure for Nitro-bacteria
  • For use with Wet / Dry filters etc. to improve biological filtration
  • Package Contents:50pc of 1.2" diameter Aquarium Bio-balls
SizeSet of 40 Pcs

40pcs 1.2"/30mm Reusable Bio Balls Aquarium Fish Pond Wet/Dry Canister Filter Media Tank Biofilter


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Set of 40 Pcs