These linear low-density bags are color-coded and printed with an "Infectious Linen" identifier, in English and Spanish, to help ensure complete understanding for safety and proper use. They're highly puncture resistant and have a multilayered star seal.This product was created with pride by Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities. For nearly 80 years, the AbilityOne® program has been the preferred source, and brand of choice, for federal purchasers. Trash Bags, Trash Bag Material Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Capacity 45 gal., Super Heavy Strength Rating, Thickness 1.20 mil, Trash Bag Color Family Red, Height 47 In., Width 40 In., Seal Star, Max. Load 70 lb., Bag Closure Type None, Package Configuration Flat Pack, Bags per Roll/Pack 100, Package Quantity 100
  • Trash Bags

45 gal. Red Trash Bags, Super Heavy Strength Rating, Flat Pack, 100 PK

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