B & W offers three filters for infrared photography, each with its' own unique features.
@@ This dark red filter is primarily for black and white infrared films.
@@It filters out light below 650 nm.
@@ With color infrared film it produces pictures of a pure red image while making good use of the relatively low sensitivity of infrared films.
@@ Filter factor is approx. 20 - 40.
@@ This black infrared filter will filter out the entire visible spectrum.
@@ It is used with black and white infrared films with a sensitivity up to 1000nm.
@@ Filter factor is determined by the film sensitivity.
@@ This orange colored filter blocks the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum up to 500 nm.
@@ It reduces the excessive sensitivity of color infrared films in this spectral range, separates colors more evenly thereby avoiding a blue tint.
@@ Filter factor depends upon the film's sensitivity.
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52mm Infrared Filter # 092 (89B/RG695)

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