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Exell AA Size 1.2V Rechargeable 2500mAh NiMH Button Top Battery Exell 1.2V AA 2500mAh NIMH Batteries are excellent for building custom battery packs. If you are a novice or an old pro, these batteries will keep you powered up. These batteries can be recharged 500-1000 times giving you years of use. Consumer Applications Widely used in radio controlled devices, electric tools and toys, electric mopeds, meters, two radios, hybrid automobiles, electric razors, toothbrushes, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, pagers, medical instruments/equipment, high power static applications (Telecoms, UPS and Smart grid), and numerous other applications. High capacity, better power performance, lower internal impedance, more stable performance, safer and more reliable, better storage performance. Exell AA 2500mAh 1.2V NIMH Battery Specifications Voltage: 1.2V Amperage: 2500mAh Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Diameter: 0.57in (14.52mm) Height: 1.95in (49.77mm) Terminal Type: Button Top Country of Manufacture: China Features High quality AA Size rechargeable NiMH battery. Provides long use time per charge with this very high 2500mAh capacity Designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as emergency lighting, portable devices, power tools. Excellent quality and the best price Advantages: 30-40% percent higher capacity than a standard Ni-Cadmium Typical cycle life is 3000 cycles. Can be deep cycled. (80% to 100% DOD) Less prone to memory than Ni-Cadmium, can be rejuvenated Simple storage and transportation; not subject to regulatory control Environmentally friendly; contains only mild toxins Nickel content makes recycling profitable Wide temperature range Limitations: Limited service life; deep discharge reduces service life Requires complex charge algorithm. Sensitive to overcharge Does not absorb overcharge well; trickle charge must be kept low Generates heat during fast charge and high-load discharge High self-discharge
  • Voltage: 1.2, Amperage: 2500mAh, Chemistry: NiMH
  • Height: 1.950, Diameter: 0.58
  • AA
  • Assembly Cells

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