Light up the night with this awesome Combo which includes LED Wheels, 169mm Independent Raw Trucks, Abec 9 Bearings, 1 1/4" Hardware, and 1/4" Risers. Each wheel includes 3 super bright LED lights that shine for over 10,000 hours! No batteries needed, these are powered by centrifugal force. The faster you go the brighter they get! Speaking of going FAST, these wheels come with ABEC 9 Bearings! The clear urethane transmits and magnifies the LED lights, coming in at 78a, these wheels ride FAST, SMOOTH and BRIGHT! (please note, this listing includes Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Spacers, Mounting Hardware and Risers only, DOES NOT INCLUDE a skateboard deck. Also, the wheel hub may be pink. The light produced is yellow, however the hub colors vary.)
  • LED Wheels & Trucks Package

60mm Yellow LED WHEELS Night Light Skateboard 169MM INDEPENDENT TRUCKS Combo

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