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Use: Plant Aquariums, Hydroponics, Veggie growing, Flower growing
Excellent Color Rendering for growing
Superior Spectrum Balance
High PAR Value, Color stability, Intensity light
Excellent Coral Growth
Top choice for Plant and Veggie growing setups and plantations
Model: MHDE250/FC2/6500K
Wattage: 250W
Color Spectrum: 6,500k (Kelvin)
Luminous Flux (LM): 39,000
UV-Stop: Yes
CRI: 90
Base Type: HQI Double-Ended Fc2
Bulb Shape: T9.5
Life expectancy: 10,000hrs
Ballast Information Ansi Code: M80 M81
Operates on a HQI Metal halide ballast, Pulse-start ballast, Electronic ballast
Length: 6.40"
Compared quality to Major Brands such as:
IceCap, Ushio, Aqualine, Iwasaki, Hamilton, Blue Life SPS, AquaMaxx, XM, Megachrome, Phoenix, Elos
Our Aquarium Plant and Hydroponics Growing lamps at 6500K is white/yellowish in color and is designed to simulate sunlight growing effects to stimulate fast growth in veggies, plants, and etc. The 6500K lamps have superior par rating for plant, veggie, flower, and etc growing tasks.
Metal Halide lamps feature best combination of color balance, color rendering, photosynthetic light output.
NOTE: The bulb should be handled carefully. Using soft gloves is a rule of thumb to keep finger prints off the lamp. This is during installation and replacement.
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    6500K HQI Metal Halide 250W watt Double Ended Fc2

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