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Are you ready for the next step of your life? Are you prepared for what lies ahead of you? Has science, biology, language, arts, history, and geography adequately prepared you for life after high school? If you are like most students, your life has been orchestrated by parents, guardians, teachers, and guidance counselors. Everything that needs to be done happens without you even thinking about it. Your curriculum is planned, transcripts are sent, schedules are prepared. You show up, take the courses, pass tests. Before you know it, you are about to graduate from high school. Suddenly, you are hit with the reality of what's next? Well, you are about to find out, like many adults before you, that you are not prepared. What high school has given you is a foundation upon which you can build the rest of your life. Building the rest of your life, however, depends solely on you. Seven Things You Need to Know Before Leaving High School will aid you in doing just that. This book is designed intentionally to help you begin the life-long process of personal development because nothing in your life changes unless you change, and nothing in your life gets better unless you get better. The seven lessons discussed in this book will take you on a journey from self-discovery to understanding and achieving success to fully embracing your responsibility for both self and others. This book will revolutionize your thought process and set you on a path of greatness. If you're wondering if this book is solely for junior high or high school students, it is certainly not. This book is for any and everyone who wants to figure out who they are and what's next. It is a must read for all who haven't learned these valuable lessons. Life is a journey. Let's make it one you embrace with confidence!

    Publication DateSeptember 28, 2017
    Primary CategorySelf-Help/Personal Growth - Success
    Publisher ImprintPage Publishing, Inc.

    7 Things You Need to Know Before Leaving High School

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