Ultimate E Track Kit

  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Steel Horizontal E-Track, Galvanized

  • E track will accept all hardware designed to be used with strap assemblies, e rings, beams and bars for use in E track.

  • 12 Pieces of 5' long x 4.87" wide e-track

  • 6 Rope Tie Offs

  • 12 2" E Track O-RIngs

  • 12 Wood Beam Socket Holders

  • 12 black plastic end caps to keep the ends of the track from building up dirt and grime, as well as keeping the sharp edges from being exposed to you or your gear

  • 12 E Track Ratchet Straps 2" x 12

  • 2" E-track O-Rings have a breaking strength of 4,000 lbs. and comes standard with zinc plating to resist corrosion and rust

  • Rope tie offs have a 2,500 lb breaking strength

  • Ratchet Straps has a Breaking Strength of 3,000 lbs and a Working Load Limit (Safe Load Limit) of 1,000 lbs

  • Perfect for all cargo control applications, including enclosed trailers, haulers, van and trucks!

  • This E Track Kit will be shipped from our Atlanta based warehouse within 1 Business day!
  • 12 Pieces of 12 Gauge 5' Long Galvanized E-Track
  • 12 2" x 12' Ratchet Straps
  • 12 Pieces of 2" O-Rings with E-Clip Fittings
  • 12 Rope Tie Offs with E-Clip Fittings
  • 12 Wood Beam Sockets with E-Clip Fittings

72 Piece Galvanized E Track Kit with Wood Beams, Tie Downs and Ratchet Straps (Pack of 30)


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