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Complete System 13-inch x 54-inch resin tank Riser tube with distributor basket 2.5 cubic feet high capacity resin Fleck 2510SXT Digital Metered Control Head Choice of connection 18" x 33" Round Brine Tank with Safety Float On-Demand Flow meter measures water and regenerates based on water use, not time, conserving salt and water 80k (80,000) grain capacity Contains 2.5 cubic feet of high capacity resin capable of removing up to 80,000 grains of hardness between regeneration cycles 20 GPM Service Flow Treats a maximum flow rate of 20 gallons per minute Removes Water Hardness Ion exchange process physically removes the ions that cause hard water Eliminates Scale Water that has been softened does not form scale buildup on faucets or fixtures or inside pipes Reduces Soap Use Soft water improves soap efficiency, reducing the amount required for dishes, laundry, and bathing. Fleck 2510SXT Control Head Digital control built on the #1 control valve in the US. Features dual drive motors for a stronger, longer lasting control valve. Maximum efficiency with simple LCD display and touchpad controls for user friendly control Structural USA Resin Tank Durable, high quality polyglass tank made by a trusted name it tank manufacturing High Capacity Resin High quality ion-exchange resin in the heart of the water softener Standard Round Brine Tank Used for holding salt used during the regeneration process. Measure approximately 18-inch in diameter x33-inch tall and holds approximately 250 lbs of salt DIY Installation Simple system connections and detailed installation instructions allow most homeowners to install this system themselves. For those who prefer to leave the work to a professional, most plumbers can install the system in 1-2 hours.

    80k Water Softener with Fleck 2510SXT


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