Load a motocross dirt bike into a pickup truck or trailer bed quickly and easily with an 89" x 12" single runner IA-9012 loading ramp. Each dirt bike ramp is arched for maximum clearance and features serrated rungs evenly spaced 3" apart for optimal grip and traction with off-road pneumatic tires. An adjustable safety strap is included to stabilize the ramp in place and rubber coated attachment fingers help protect the truck tailgate or trailer bed during loading. Made with durable all-aluminum construction. Maximum 600 lb load capacity.

  • Arched for maximum clearance while loading motocross dirt bikes
  • Serrated rungs spaced 3" apart for optimal traction with off-road pneumatic tires
  • Includes adjustable safety stabilizing strap
  • Rubber coated ramp attachment fingers protect truck tailgate and trailer bed
  • Durable all-aluminum construction with a 600 lb load capacity
Dimensions89 x 12 x 1.2 inches

89" Arched Aluminum Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

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