Gil Slatter's quick on the draw and has a head for running a ranch, but he's also a lonely man with nothing more than a cot in the bunkhouse at the TXY Ranch to call home. When the ranch's foreman drops dead of a heart attack and the owner picks Gil to take his place, his entire world turns upside down. One day life is simple. The next he's running the entire outfit. The old foreman's passing means more than just a new job on the ranch, though. He also leaves behind a daughter, a willful young woman named Kate. When Gil drops by to pay his respects, she shares with him the loneliness of a life lived never knowing love or affection. She shocks him with a proposal of marriage... and ends up stealing his heart. So starts the Western adventure of a lifetime. Between wild horses, outlaws, rustlers, an ambitious young landowner with a mean streak, and the flirtatious, scheming wife of the ranch owner, it's no easy task Gil faces. But with his new bride beside him, he'll take the TXY to new heights of success... or die trying!
  • Hardcover, Galway Press, 2016, ISBN13 9781633731455, ISBN10 1633731456
Publication DateJune 17, 2016
Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Western

A Bride for Gil

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