The United States is consuming fossil fuels faster than natural processes can replace them. Our nation's leaders recognize that a diverse energy portfolio includingrenewable energy is the key to maintaining our economy, security, and the environment.The federal government is by far the greatest energy consumer; thus, our nation's leadershave directed federal agencies to strive to increase the use of renewable energy at federalfacilities. Solar electricity technologies, in the form of photovoltaics, have great potentialin the renewable energy mix. Although a major strategy should be integratingphotovoltaics into the design of new facilities, an important early consideration should bethe installation of photovoltaic modules in open areas and/or module retrofits ontoexisting structures. This research developed a model based on decision makers' valuesystems to quantify and rank several photovoltaic technologies. The goal of the modelwas to determine what alternatives would most align with Air Force energy andenvironmental objectives. After working with subject matter experts at three bases, acomprehensive hierarchy was developed. This hierarchy was then used to find the bestalternatives at one base. It was found that photovoltaic technologies may indeedsuccessfully compete with grid-supplied electricity when utilizing a value-focusedapproach.
  • ISBN13: 9781249592709
  • Publisher: Biblioscholar
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00170
Publication DateOctober 9, 2012
Primary CategoryEducation/General

A Decision Model for Choosing Among Photovoltaic Technologies to Generate Electricity at Grid-Connected Air Force Facilities

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