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That year we were all Romans, and I have to tell you that I look awful in a toga and short sword, but not nearly as awful as the Greek. You go to one of the big schools and naturally you turn out for the Class Reunion. Why not? There's money there, and good fellowship, and money, and the chance of a business contact that will do you some good. And money.

Well, I wasn't that fortunate -- and you can say that again because it's the story of my life: I wasn't that fortunate.

I ended up sitting next to El Greco, who told me he'd gone into transmutation. I knew what transmutation meant. Lead into gold, tin into platinum, all that line of goodies. . . . .

    Publication DateJune 1, 2011
    Primary CategoryFiction/Science Fiction - Action & Adventure

    A Feast of Demons by William Morrison, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

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