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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1879 edition. Excerpt: ...the conjunctiva. Membra'na preforma'tiva (L. preformed membrane).--A delicate membrane said to cover the dental pulp before the calcification of the teeth. Membra'na pro'pria (L. special membrane).--The basement membrane of secreting organs. Membra'na pupilla'ris (L. pupillary membrane).--A delicate membrane by which in the foetus the pupil is closed. Membra'na saccifor'mis (L. sac-shaped membrane).--The syno-' vial membrane of the fore-arm. Membra'na semiluna'ris (L. semilunar membrane).--A membrane attached to the Septum in the syrinx of birds. Membra'na tym'pani (L. membrane of the drum).--The membrane which closes externally the tympanum or drum of the ear. Membra'na tympanifor'mis inter'na (L. internal drum-shaped membrane).--The inner wall of that part of the bronchus of birds which forms part of the syrinx. Membra'na velamento'sa (L. covering membrane).--A membrane in the internal ear. Mem'brane cos'to-cS'racoid.--A layer of fascia attached superiorly to the clavicle, and inferiorly to the coracoid process and first rib. Menin'geal (Gr. meninx, a membrane).--Applied to certain arteries and veins of the neck. Menis'cus (Gr. meniskos, a half-moon).--A disc into which the fibro-cartilaginous rings which connect the presacral vertebrae in birds are continued. Men'struation (L. mensis, a month).--The periodical uterine discharges. Men'tal fora'men (L. mentum, the chin; foramen, an opening).--An opening in the lower jaw through which the inferior dental nerve and artery pass. Men'to-hy'oid nrascle (L. mentum, the chin; Gr. huoides, hyoidbone).--An occasional muscle passing from the body of the hyoid bone to the chin. Men'to-Meeke'lian element (L. mentum, the chin).--The portion of Meckel's cartilage which ossifies to form the chin....
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  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
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A Glossary of Biological, Anatomical, and Physiological Terms

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