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My life did not change despite having someone close to me. I would still go with friends and enjoy life the way I used to. I had friends who were unmarried. I still slept out, leaving my wife behind. One day, a friend of mine came to visit me but could not find me. When I finally met him, he looked quiet disturbed. He was hurt when he found my wife washing a car and was alone in the house. My wife and her parents lived in Durban, so when she came here, she was without friends. She suffered from this terrible betrayal. When my friends wanted to know about my whereabouts, he was told I had left since morning. and by then it was midday. When he asked my wife why she was washing a car, she was doing it because she was lonely.

    Publication Date20170210

    A Marriage That Survived Storms, God Saved Mine He Can Save Yours Too

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