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/ In his book "A New Yorker at Sea" (ISBN 0615556965), Nick Catalano tells the story of a city guy from New York who takes a trip through the Middle East and the Mediterranean partaking in life threatening situations to satisfy his sense of adventure. Joe Pisano is a college professor and sailor who is accompanied by his mates, Roger and Dick, on a journey on their yacht Bravura. The crew encounters a series of problems including corrupt law officials, pirates and huge ominous oil tankers. They also encounter Mother Nature, herself, as they battle severe sea conditions on a vessel with repetitive engine problems. During one stretch, Joe searches for food, water and supplies in war-battered Egyptian villages along their route, constantly finding himself in horrible situations. He is constantly battling his desire to be home while attempting to keep his insecurities as a sailor at bay. His only fuel to keep his strength is his romantic fascination to be another Odysseus. But Joe soon realizes that throughout everything he, and his crew, has encountered the biggest fear and challenge yet, Joe himself. Catalano uses his own adventurous sailing journey to contribute to the authenticity of his novel. The fictional account of a voyage through the Middle East uses memories and experiences Catalano came by while crewing on a voyage around the world in 1988. Throughout the book, readers will be able to witness the physical and psychological transformation that Joe goes through as he battles insecurities about his sailing expertise, glories in the romance of the high seas and endures constant fear from hostile brigands, abusive officials, dangerous environments and the omnipresent unknown of an epic voyage. About the Author: Dr. Nick Catalano is a professor of literature and music at Pace University in New York.
  • ISBN13: 9780615556963
  • Publisher: Aegeon Press
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00148

A New Yorker at Sea

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