Experiencing the death of a loved one is commonly accepted as a valid reason for grief. What may surprise you is how you or other people may respond when that loved one is a non-human companion. This is a loss you will feel daily, yet may struggle to process it. This 44 page workbook will allow you to explore and understand why you feel this loss and help you do the work in the process of grieving. It is designed to be a seven week study, but can be taken at your own pace. You may find yourself laughing at memories of your first days together, or working through those "what-if's" of those last few days. All of these are necessary parts of the healing process and we hope you find comfort as you spend these days loving your companion, as well as yourself... Be well and at peace, MJ Tucci and Laurie Califf
  • Genre: Self-actualization/Self-Help
  • Pages: 46
  • Author: M. J. Tucci, Laurie Califf
  • ISBN: 0985855215
  • Publisher: CenterPeaces
Publication DateJuly 16, 2012
Primary CategorySelf-Help/Death
Sub Category 1Pets/General

A Peaceful Path: A Supportive Guide Through Pet Loss

M J Tucci

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