The Super Ultrathin Blue Red LED Grow Light Panel is perfect for your plants and aquarium to promote better growth. 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for higher chlorophyll and organic material production. *01)Advantages of Our Upgraded LED Grow Lights: | 02)Benefits for Plants and Aquarium Fishes.| 03)Larger Lighting Coverage.| 04)Much Safer and Lower Damage Rate Design.| 05)Longer Life Span.| 06)Safe and environmental Friendly (saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption).| 07)Convenient Power (AC100-250V full voltage with U.S. standard plug) .| *08)Specifications:| 09)Lumen: 165 Red LEDs and 60 Blue LEDs, 2772lux in total.| 10)Output Voltage:DC18-55V.| 11)Frequency: 60Hz;Input Hertz:50/60Hz.| 12) Power: 18W.| 13)PF: 85%.| 14)Wavelength: Blue - 450nm, Red - 660nm.| 15)LEDs Diameter: 5mm.| 16)Working Temperature: -10 to 50 degree Celsius.| 17)Working Humidity: Less than 95%.| 18)Power Cord Length: 25 inch.| 19)Light Panel Size: 11 1/4" L x 11 1/4" W x 1/5" H.| 20)Recommended Height: Within 3.28 feet high above plants.| *21)Package Contents:| 22)1x The 5th Generation Ultrathin LED Light Panel.| 23)1 Set Hanging Kit
  • Much brighter and more durable.
  • High-efficient and energy-saving design.
  • Recommended Coverage: One panel per 21.5 to 32.3 square feet.
  • Hanging kit included, easy set up in minutes.
  • 225 Blue Red LEDs;Input Current:0.4 A max; Output Current:500mA ± 5%
Size11 1/4" L x 11 1/4" W x 1/5" H
ColorBlue, Red

A+ Yescom 225 LED Grow Light Panel Ultrathin 2700LM 45w Blue Red Hydroponics Plant Lamp


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Blue, Red

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