Wouldn’t it be super handy to have movable anchors for loading inside a trailer? The ABN 5’ Foot Galvanized Horizontal E-Track Zinc Plated 2 Pack makes such things possible. This 2-pack of 5-foot horizontal E-track sections is useful as tie down anchors on flatbeds and pickup trucks. They are easy to install and make tie downs a breeze. These E-tracks provide a positive anchor point at every location throughout the trailer and can be easily mounted to your trailer floor or wall with ordinary screws. Simply mount on your trailer wall or flatbed and insert hooks or clips (not included) for cargo securement. Mount on a wall and use a hook to convert the E-track into a shelf bracket to hang lumber beams, tools, coats, bags, tires, cargo bars, and just about anything else you need or want in your truck, trailer, garage, RV camper, warehouse, or garage. There are many ways to use the E-tracks. The 5-foot length is very handy for applying it in various spots other than a straight, continuous line. Instead, you can space them out and use them for motorcycle tie downs. You can haul any car, motorcycle, ATV, or even furniture on a flatbed trailer with this durable tie down system. Add these 2 ABN Horizontal E-Tracks to a trailer to tie down any vehicle by placing one under each tire, and then running a tie down strap around each tire, and you’re set! It’s that easy. Each track is constructed of galvanized 12-gauge zinc plated steel for strength and longevity. A strap can go in straight or at an angle, depending on how you want to use the ABN E-Track. They have a spring-loaded catch and are very strong once fastened in place. There are 60 mounting holes to secure the track and 30 tie down holes on each E-track for versatile use. Secure your precious cargo with ease when you use the ABN 5’ Foot Galvanized Horizontal E-Track Zinc Plated 2 Pack. Mounting hardware/clips not included.

    5’ Foot Horizontal E-Track (Pack of 2)


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