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If you’re working on a vehicle and don’t already use the ABN Automotive Test Lead Kit, you don’t know what you’re been missing! Perfect for the auto enthusiast and the professional mechanic alike, the ABN Automotive Test Lead Kit has everything you need to get your car running at top-notch condition. The kit includes one set of 30v interconnected leads, 1,000v interchangeable test probes, 1,000v silicon back probe pins (piercing probes), 300v shielded alligator clips, and 1,000v large crocodile clips all designed for automotive use. The flexible silicon back probing pins (piercing probes) are great for sliding into automotive connectors like those on fuel injectors and MAP sensors. The large crocodile clips can be used to clip to grounds and battery terminals. Each of the five sets includes a product in two different colors, ensuring easy organization and hassle-free testing. Each item in this kit has a CAT II safety rating, so you can have some peace of mind and work on any vehicle without even flinching. Perfect for a wide variety of auto testing needs, you can be sure that, with the ABN Automotive Test Lead Kit, you will receive accurate results no matter what part of your auto is being tested.
    Dimensions6.5 x 6.5 x 1.2 inches

    ABN Automotive Test Lead Kit – Universal Connectors Set for Multimeters and Vehicles


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