You have an engine hesitation problem with your Ford that has persisted for years. The cylinder misses and the engine chugs like it’s back in college with a 6-pack. You know these engine failures will cause major problems if not fixed, but what do you need to do? Take corrective and preventative action with this ABN Ford DG511 Ignition Coil OE Spec Replacement (8 Pack) for 04-08 Ford F-150 F150 V8-5.4L SOHC. These coils will have your Ford vehicle running smoothly with no further cylinder misses. The ABN Ford DG511 Ignition Coil OE is the original equipment (OE) spec replacement for Ford DG511. OE refers to parts made specifically for original Ford vehicles, not made aftermarket by another company that a consumer may buy and use after purchasing. It is designed to provide excellent starting conditions and is built to resist damaging corrosion and rust. For simple and hassle-free installation, we include 1 packet (4G) of Permatex Spark Plug Boot & Electrical Connector Dielectric Grease #09180 with every order. The ABN Ford DG511 Ignition Coil OE is constructed out of 100 percent Enameled Copper Wire and a PBT plastic housing for strength. Also included is a silicon connector that provides the ABN Ignition Coil with a long use life. Vehicle Compatibility: 2004 – 2008 Ford F-150 V8-5.4L SOHC; OEM Compatibility: DG511, FD503, FD508, C1541, C1659, 5C1584, 3L3Z12029BA, 3L3U12A366BB, 3L3E12A366CA, 50082, 601000, 11054, 11060, DG-511, 3L3Z 12029 BA, 3L3U 12A366 BB, 3L3E 12A366 CA.

    ABN® Ignition Coil OE Spec Replacement for 04-08 Ford F-150 F150 V8-5.4L SOHC DG511 (Pack of 8)


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