If a car is blowing hot air because the refrigerant has already leaked out, find the leak and easily recharge the system using A/C Pro High Mileage Refrigerant. The UV dye glows to reveal leaks while additives work to stop leaks at rubber seals. Its proprietary additive formula is designed specifically for older vehicles (75,000+ miles) and contains everything needed to fill an A/C with refrigerant.
  • Replace lost refrigerant to improve A/C cooling in high mileage vehicles (75,000+ miles)
  • Contains anti-wear additives to help extend the life of older or high-usage A/C systems
  • Seals common automotive A/C leaks in hoses, O-rings and gaskets while conditioning seals

A/C Pro High Mileage Refrigerant, 134A, 12oz


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