Magnet P.I. is well suited for cleaning up construction sites. The wider model P-32 can remove debris from large areas quickly, while the narrower model P-20 is convenient for smaller and constricted spaces. Magnet P.I. sweepers are very powerful and will snap up quantities of nails, wire, tin, etc.
  • Bottom of housing provides large storage area for debris.
  • 2" ground clearance for smooth sweeping over flat and rough surfaces.
  • Ideal for roofers-maintenance firms.
  • 6" Wheels.
  • No operating costs.
  • Magnet Width: 32".
  • Overall Width: 38".
  • Handle Length: 48".
  • 150 lbs of lifting power.
    • Specifications
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      AMK P-32 32 in. Magnet P.I. Floor Sweeper


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