The AP Products 013-520 Bauer Entry Door Lock is a direct replacement for standard RVs. It features a 2.75" by 3.75" cutout. The Bauer's SCI technology is specially designed to foil those who want to tamper with your lock cylinders. A low-profile inside egress prevents interference with the screen door. It also features corrosion-resistant lock cylinders based on the ASTM 1000-hour salt fog tests. Lightweight and UV-resistant, this RV door lock also features a unique key jacket. It makes it easier to distinguish it from other keys for a quicker entry. There is a logo on the paddle that indicates when it is locked and aligned with the cylinder's key slot. Use this key door lock to keep your trailer or RV safe while you are away doing other things such as running errands. Install the AP Products 013-520 Bauer Entry Door Lock on your motor home for peace of mind.

  • Direct replacement for standard RV entry door locks
  • Fits 2.75" x 3.75" cutout
  • Features Bauer's SCI technology to prevent tampering with lock cylinders
  • Low-profile inside egress
Dimensions7.2 x 5.2 x 3 inches

AP Products 013-520 Bauer RV Entry Door Lock

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