Spare Tire Carrier

Spare Tire Carrier; Satin Black; 1.5 Hr. Install; Use w/PN[5650350]

  • Spare Tire Carrier

Built to the same uncompromising standards as our bull bars, all ARB tire carriers incorporate a heavy duty towing system and depending on the vehicle may accommodate one or two tires or a jerry can holder. There are many benefits associated with fitting a tire carrier to a vehicle. Many 4x4s have their spare tire positioned underneath the vehicle making it difficult to access and vulnerable to damage, particularly in harsh off road environments. Others have their spare tire mounted on the back door, which can place stress on the door hinges, resulting in rattles and compromised dust sealing as increased wear is put on the door assembly. Both of these mounting methods can also prove unsuitable if a larger tire size is sought. An ARB tire carrier addresses all of these issues, relocating the spare tire onto the bumper assembly via a swing out carrier. Operation of the swing out carriers could not be more simple. Slight pressure applied to a lever opens each carrier with a gas strut assisting this process. The strut holds the carrier in the open position, with engagement of a locking pin only being necessary if the vehicle is on an extreme side angle. The carrier can be closed with a simple slam shut, with the spring loaded locking pin automatically disengaging as soon as the weight is released.

Today, we supply and manufacture a complete selection of the most highly regarded 4WD accessories in the world. Unlike many 4x4 equipment suppliers that simply stock a collection of parts with a low cost, `one size fits all' mentality, ARB thoroughly researches and tests each product before releasing it to the 4x4 public. We consider many factors during this analysis, including specific vehicle characteristics, the conditions

  • Spare Tire Carrier; Satin Black; 1.5 Hr. Install; Use w/PN[5650350];
Dimensions39.8 x 20.1 x 5.5 inches

ARB 4x4 Accessories 5750300 Spare Tire Carrier; Satin Black; 1.5 Hr. Install; Use w/PN[5650350];


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