Acoustic Audio A25TR Dual RCA to TRS Jack Pro Audio Cable
Flexible Black PVC Jacket
Cable has Stereo Male RCA Connectors on one end and a Male TRS Balanced Jack Connector on the other
Professional DJ Speaker
Professional Public Announcement Speaker
Professional Karaoke Speaker
Fixed Installation Speaker
Studio Monitor
This Listing and Price is for One Cable
  • Acoustic Audio A25TR dual RCA to TRS jack pro audio cable
  • Flexible black PVC jacket
  • Cable has stereo male RCA connectors on one end and a male TRS balanced jack connector on the other
  • Use for musical instrument, professional DJ speaker, professional public announcement speaker, professional karaoke speaker, fixed installation speaker and studio monitor
  • This listing and price is for 1 cable
Dimensions2 x 2 x 4 inches

Acoustic Audio A25TR 25 Foot Dual RCA to TRS 1/4" Jack Pro Audio Cable

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