This adult coloring book with playing cards in the Suit of Clubs gives you beautiful, soothing designs to ease you into a state of relaxation. After you finish coloring, you can cut out the cards and use them to play simple, enjoyable card games for one player. Game instructions are in the book, along with more coloring pages. These activities are designed to calm you down and help you recharge. Single-player games provide stress relief, mindful relaxation, fun and creativity. Each of the four books in the Calming Card Games series has enough space on the cover to create one suit of double-sided cards. Together they make a full deck of 52 (with a bonus 4 flamboyant jokers), hand-colored by you. Card games require only a deck of cards and a flat surface, so they can easily be played almost anywhere. Solitaire, also known as patience, is a group of card games that can be played by one person. Solitaire is absorbing and stress relieving. It also helps concentration and visual memory. Playing games with real cards instead of on a computer screen makes a huge difference to your health. When you use virtual cards on a light-emitting screen your eyes may become strained. Even more seriously - especially in the evenings - the blue-wavelength light from screens interferes with your body's melatonin production, thus disrupting your natural sleep rhythms. Looking at a screen before bed not only makes it harder to fall asleep, but also affects how drowsy or alert you are the following day. Digital solitaire can also be highly addictive, unlike real solitaire. Play soothing games with real cards to relieve stress and get a better night's sleep. Join the natural stress relief trends sweeping the globe!

  • ISBN13: 9781925110890
  • Publisher: Quillpen Pty Ltd T/A Leaves of Gold Press
  • Pubilcation Year: 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00018
SeriesAdult Coloring Stress Relief
Series Volume Number5
Publication DateOctober 6, 2015

Adult Coloring Stress Relief with Calming Card Games: Clubs

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