Salt and chemical free Up to 10 ppm iron Up to 6 ppm hydrogen sulfide Up to 2 ppm manganese 7 GPM service flow 10 GPM peak flow 7 GPM minimum required 10"x54" tank 1 cubic foot Chemsorb Chemsorb filtration media Low cost filtration media offers entry level solutions for those with low iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide. 2510SXT Air Injection control Durable 2510SXT digital control valve adds air to the tank to oxidize contaminates for filtration by the media. Automatic backwashing system allows you to set it and forget it. Single tank design Easy to install system offers air injection, oxidation, and contaminate removal all within a single tank. This minimizes space requirements, reduces system components, and prolongs system life. Chemsorb Media Simple sediment filtration media does an excellent job of removing contaminates oxidized by the air injection, as well as other particulates in the water. 2510SXT Air Injection Control Automatic backwashing digital SXT controller on the dependable 2510 valve provides ease of use and low maintenance. Specially setup for air injection to add air without a separate pump. Single Tank Design By creating a pocket of air at the top of the tank, the treatment process takes place in a single tank. This eliminates the need for a separate tank or pump and reduces wear on the system by removing the contaminates immediately after oxidation. Installation Instructions Detailed online installation instructions walk you step-by-step through the installation process. Simple plumbing connections are all that are required for installation. Stainless Steel Bypas Allows you to easily bypass and disconnect the system for servicing or other needs. Complete System Complete system includes the tank, media, riser with distributor, 2510SXT Air Injection head, and bypass valve. NOTE: Tank color may vary. Manufacturer Warranty System has a manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty is 5 years on the control head and 10 years on the

    Air Injection Silver 10 System with 2510SXT


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