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This CD from the Air Mail Music collection offers us the music of two of China's major ethnic minorities, the Miao and the Dong, who are found in three provinces of southern China: Kweichow, Hunan, and Kwangsi. In fact, it is in southern China that we find the largest number of ethnic minorities among more than 110 minorities in China, each one with a music particular to their tradition and culture. The CD presents traditional songs, dances, and instrumental pieces from both people, traditions which have been influenced as much by the Chinese as the Tibetan traditions. Among the instruments, we hear the lusheng (a mouth organ), the suona (an oboe), the pipa (a lute), the dizi (a bamboo transverse flute), drum, and others. A music which celebrates life in all its beauty!~ Bruno Deschnes
  • Air Mail Music - China [CD]
GenreWorld Music
Publication Date19980505
Publisher ImprintPlayasound

Air Mail Music: China

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