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Vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Bosworth has been heralded as one of the freshest creative spirits to emerge recently from New Orleans' rich musical landscape. Her especially rich yet clear voice coupled with the deep sincerity of her writing make this a much anticipated debut album. Grammy award winning engineer Neal Cappellino (Alison Krauss) and Grammy winning mastering engineer Richard Dodd (Civil Wars) signed on to be a part of the project and their contribution to the depth and fullness of the sound of the recording is apparent throughout. The title track 'Here For You' is one that encapsulates the undercurrent of love, loss and longing that permeates every song. The beautiful acoustic guitar solo on this track is played by famous New Orleans based Jazz guitarist Brian Seeger, showing off his sensitivity to the song's sentiment. Supported by New York-based bass player Dan Loomis, guitarist Chris Adkins and percussionist Alexey Marti, Alex Bosworth's voice is at it's most sweet when joined on the choruses by fellow singer-swongwriter Alan Hampton as they sing to one another. Not to be missed are the stark and deeply moving tracks 'Home Again' and 'Prayer' and the uplifting 'Let It Go' featuring Jack Craft on cello and Simon Lott on drums. From her quirky and fun tune 'Not About You' on which she plays Marimba to her lush and harmonically rich song 'Sweet Friend' on which she plays acoustic piano, she defies classification not only as an instrumentalist but as a songwriter. Each song on this album is a world onto itself tied together by Ms. Bosworth's captivating voice. She has assembled a stellar band, each player hailing from different genres of music, and together they have created something truly unique. It is an exploration in vulnerability and from the very first note to the very last chord it is wonderfully heartfelt and moving.
  • Alex Bosworth - Here for You [CD]
  • Music
Publication Date20141007
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Here for You

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