The U.Play.Plus Series, arranged by Victor López (Flex-Ability Series), provides solos, duets, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles with flexible instrumentation. Each book has a two-line score for every title. The top line (A) is the melody. The second line (B, C, or D) may be played as a duet with line A and is one of the four-part harmony lines. Adding instruments with B, C, and D lines will complete the harmony. Cue notes are included to fill in missing parts. Woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion may play together, with or without the rhythm section accompaniment (Piano/Guitar/Score book) or the CD (available separately). The CD includes a concert B-flat tuning note and two tracks for each song. The first is a demonstration track, and the second is the rhythm section accompaniment (piano, guitar, electric bass, and drums). Titles - Any Way You Want It, Baby, Born to Be Somebody, Celebration, Danger Zone, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Dynamite, Living in America, Raiders March, Take the "A" Train.

  • Series - U.Play.Plus
  • Category - Mixed
  • Instruments - Flexible
  • Instrumentation
  • Format - CD
  • Instrumentation - CD Acc.
  • Level - 2.5-3
    ColorAs Shown

    Alfred 00-37570 U PLAY PLUS:MORE POPS-ACC CD- 9X12

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