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This special package of a high power compound microscope with 10-piece prepared slide kit and the microscope book, the world of the microscope, is designed for students to learn science in biology. The microscope offers Six levels of magnifications, 40X, 64X, 100X, 160X, 400X and 640X. It has full optical glass elements and all metal body construction with coarse & fine focusing. It comes with a molded abs case. The slide kit includes five blank slides and five prepared slides: housefly legs, onion epidermis, sunflower stem, pine stem and cotton stem.

  • Six levels of magnification - 40X-64X-100X-160X-400X-640X
  • 10-piece slide set: 5-prepared and 5-blank
  • Beautiful abs box
  • The book shows how to get the best from a microscope and how to make and keep slides
  • Fully coated optical system giving clear images
  • Great instrument for viewing biological slide specimens
  • Excellent instrument easy to operate
  • Ideal scope for students and home schools!
  • Three din achromatic objectives
  • Two eyepieces included
  • Precise ground glass lens
  • Optical glass elements
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • All metal mechanical components
  • Sub stage light aperture adjustment dial
  • Rack-stop mechanism to protect slides and objectives
  • Coarse and fine focusing with control knobs on both sides
  • Rugged solid metal frame
  • No danger to your kits - mirror reflected nature light illumination
  • Head - Upright monocular
  • Nose piece - triple
  • Mechanical tube: 6-1/4 in. {160 mm)
  • Eyepieces: wide-field 10X and 16X
  • Objectives - 4X (0.1 NA), 10X (0.25 NA), 40X (0.65 NA)
  • Microscope box: ABS
  • Slide kit: Five blank slides and five prepared slides: housefly legs,
  • Six magnification settings, 40X-64X-100X-160X-400X-640X
  • All-metal framework with coarse fine focus
  • 10pc slide kit with five blank and five prepared
  • The best entry-level educational microscope book
  • Sturdy molded ABS carrying and storage case
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AmScope M60A-ABS-PB10-WM 40X-640X Student Metal Compound Microscope With Abs Case


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