• Water test kit is used for environmental study
  • The kit has four water pollution experiments for demonstration purposes, with tests for identifying dissolved oxygen content, chlorides, phosphates, and water hardness
  • It has apparatus and materials for repeating tests, including the following items - wood splints, vial with cap, lined cap, clear plastic jar, phosphate color chart card, dissolved oxygen I, dissolved oxygen II, dissolved oxygen III, sodium thiosulfate, PI phosver powder, chloride 2 powder, universal 3 hardness reagent, tritaver tritrant ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), silver nitrate, dropper, plastic cup, and coin envelopes
  • The kit also has material safety data sheets (MSDS) for safe operation, and a guide for instructional use or individual study.
  • Perform 4 Pollution Experiments
  • Test For Dissolved Oxygen Content Chlorides, Phosphates & Water Hardness
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions10 x 7 x 4 inches

American Educational Products 7-2000-24 The Water Test Kit

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