American Pet Diner';s CBB " Digestive Health" pellets/;powder is a superior, " Probiotic" feed intended for animals that are post-surgical, distressed, sick, lacking appetite or underweight. What is Probiotic Probiotic is basically good bacteria that helps fight BAD bacteria. Our " Digestive Health" pellets/;powder will improve, maintain, and bring normal levels of your pet';s micro flora balance back into their digestive system. We include " Direct Fed Microbial(;DFM) " in our Probiotics which include beneficial bacteria that either push the harmful bacteria out or crowd it and overwhelm it. Our " Digestive Health" also creates a better hair coat shine as well as increases your pet';s feed efficiency

  • Item weight - 8 oz.
  • Complete powdered probiotic formula; can be put on food or administered by syringe
  • Feed to animals post-surgical, sick, distressed, lack of appetite or underweight
  • Designed to help support micro-flora balance to increase nutrient absorption
  • Helps to add digestive efficiency back into your pet's system
  • Made in the U.S.A.
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions2.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches

American Per Diners 583 CBB Digestive Health Powder 8oz

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