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The Pyramids of Giza. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Colossus of Rhodes. Magnificent and mysterious the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World have captivated explorers for centuries. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy ANCIENT MYSTERIES ventures into the world of vanished empires uncovering the secrets surrounding the legendary list. Spectacular monuments from antiquity are still found on five of the earth's continents yet these seven rise above the rest. Why were these particular structures chosen? And why seven-what magic lies hidden within this number? Learn about the register's probable origins and the three features it seemed to promote and discover the legends and mythical powers that evolved around each of the fabled monuments. Through period accounts and artwork stunning reenactments and interviews with modern scholars ANCIENT MYSTERIES presents a riveting tour of THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. DVD Features: Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.
  • ISBN13: 0733961731323
  • Publisher: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
  • Pubilcation Year: 2005
  • Format: DVD-Video
  • Pages:
GenreTelevision: A&E
Dimensions7.5 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches

Ancient Mysteries: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


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