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The apostle John wrote one of the most loved yet misunderstood books of the Bible. He is a very personable and loving man when you meet him. As the 'disciple that Jesus loved, ' he was very close to Jesus when he walked the earth. Now he is in heaven and is a remarkable saint. In September 2017, he came to visit Matthew and spoke on a number of subjects. These include: -His intimate insights into Jesus -Loving in action -The faithful ones -Being lukewarm -His experiences on Patmos. John does not pull any punches with his words. He is direct and warns the church and believers about the perils that can face a Christian if they love the world instead of loving God. Come and hear John as he shares his heart and warns people so that they don't walk off a spiritual cliff.

    Publication DateNovember 26, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christian Life - Inspirational

    Apostle John Speaks from Heaven: A Divine Revelation

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