Applaws Tender Chicken Breast Additive Free Cat Wet Cat Food

Applaws prides itself on offering only natural ingredients, with no unnecessary additives, feather meal or hidden ingredients. Applaws pet foods are made from human grade proteins, ensuring that your pet gets its two essential amino acids ? taurine and arginine ? straight from an Applaws diet. And with protein as its main ingredient, the source and quality of the protein is vital. Applaws uses only prime cuts of chicken breast in its pet food. Applaws dry food is recommended to ensure that your pet gets a complete diet.

  • Additive-free formula
  • Wet cat food in sauce
  • Tender chicken breast
  • High meat/protein content
  • 100% natural
Pet Life StageAll Stages
Dimensions16.2 x 4.3 x 4.2 inches

Applaws Chicken Breast Cat Food Trays 18/2.12 oz (Pack of 18)


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