Aqua-Tech makes aquarium maintenance simple and easy. Aqua-Tech EZ-Change Filter Cartridges are color coded for fast and easy selection. These cartridges contain Aqua-Tech premium Activated Carbon for maximum filtration and require no messy assembly simply change in seconds by shaking and rinsing. Use of Aqua-Tech Replacement Filter Cartridges in your Aqua-Tech Power Filtration provides Complete 3-Stage Filtration for overall, cleaner, healthier fish Complete 3 Stage Filtration System: In Stage 1: The filter cartridge floss screens out dirt and debris. Molded and ribbed back for maximum water-to-carbon contact. In Stage 2: Activated carbon inside filter cartridge removes odors, discolorations and impurities. Change the used Aqua-Tech replacement cartridge monthly as carbon deactivates with use. In Stage 3: The Bio-Tech Biological Grid*, which comes with your power filter, never needs replacing; ensures elimination of toxic ammonia and nitrite; and has a unique design that will not clog! *Aqua-Tech Bio-Tech Biological Grid sold separately
  • AQUA-Tech® Power Filters provides filtration for healthier fish and cleaner water.
  • Filter Cartridge screens out dirt and debris as water passes through.
  • Filter Cartridge removes dissolved waste and cleans the water of odors.
Dimensions2 x 4.8 x 5 inches

Aqua-Tech EZ-Change #1 Filter Cartridge for 15-15 Filters, 3 pack


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5-15 Power Filters

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