Replacement filter for Aquasana Clean Water Machine: AQ-CWM-P-B or AQ-CWM-D-B*Use genuine Aquasana replacements only - untested replacements are not certified for performance capacity or contaminant removal*Replacements made
  • Filters 66 contaminants: herbicides, pesticides , asbestos, lead, mercury, bad taste, odor, chlorine, chloramines and more
  • Filters over 4X more contaminants than Pur and over 10X more than Brita pitchers, Tested to remove 66 while Pur claims 13 and Brita claims 6
  • Longest Lasting Filter & Lowest Cost Per Gallon, Aquasana Claryum filters deliver 8x the gallon capacity of the leading pitcher filter for half the price
Dimensions3.5 x 3 x 8.5 inches

Aquasana Replacement Cartridge for Clean Water Machine Powered Water Filtration System


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