Architects of the Business Revolution is a journey through the remarkable new territory of e-business and the new economy. Dearlove and Coomber identify the entrepreneurs, radicals and thinkers who have made the greatest contribution to this new world. From wunderkinds like Marc Andreessen and Sabheer Bhatia and rocket scientists like Tim Berners-Lee and Vinton Cerf to visionaries like Don Tapscott and Esther Dyson and business engineers like Scott McNealy and Jim Clark, these are the guys and girls you have to know about. Beyond the individuals themselves, Dearlove and Coomber take ideas into action and offer practical guidance drawn from these pioneers.
    SeriesUltimate (Capstone)
    Series Volume Number3
    Publication DateMarch 5, 2001

    Architects of the Business Revolution: The Ultimate E-Business Book

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