Dr. Merrill Edmonds was born in the Philippine Islands to missionary parents who believed God was micromanaging their lives and had a specific plan for each person. In school, though, he learned that life functioned according to the laws of nature. Scientific methodology assumed these natural laws of life could be counted on to be consistent from day to day and experiment to experiment and that if God existed he did not intervene supernaturally. Making these assumptions has allowed man to make significant discoveries as to how the world works and how to diagnose and effectively treat diseases. Dr. Edmonds' practice of medicine further reinforced the idea that supernatural intervention must be extremely rare despite many testimonials from fellow Christians of divine intervention. This book outlines how he has reconciled these two opposing views of life and still believes that God is intimately involved in his creation.

    Publication DateJuly 5, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christian Theology - Apologetics

    Are We Going to Be Okay?: Reconciling My Faith in Christ and Science

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