Puppy-Luv Beautiful Dreamer

No more baby-waking bright lights! With this puppy face comes songs, lights, vibration and an abundance of cuteness to entertain your baby for hours. It easily hooks onto any top bar railing diameter of 19-24mm.

  • The first push - music starts with normal volume, for 15 minutes
  • The second push - music starts with maximum volume, for 15 minutes
  • The third push - music stops
Lamp function:
  • The first push - lamp on
  • The second push - lamp off
Vibration Function:
  • The first push - vibration starts with maximum drive, then it will reduce half in 3 seconds, continuing for 15 minutes
  • The third push - vibration stops
  • Weight: 1 lbs
    ColorAs Shown

    Arms Reach 6000 Puppy-Luv Beautiful Dreamer

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