AspirEase 1.43kg is an aid for pain management care, effective for arthritis pain, fever, and inflammation, in horses. AspirEase features salicin, often referred to as "Nature's Aspirin", which is a highly refined botanical antiinflammatory extract from white willow trees. Salicin is closely related in chemical makeup to aspirin and is the original source of aspirin. AspirEase EQ is further fortified with Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for a quick uptake. The flavor is specifically formulated for horses, making it easy to feed. Give one level scoop twice daily or as needed at feeding. Contains 84 scoops. 1.43kg (50.3 oz) 84 scoops For Pain Management in Horses Salicin is "Nature's Aspirin" Fortified with MSM for a Quick Uptake Specially Flavored for Horses
  • AspirEase 1.43kg is an aid for pain management care
  • AspirEase features salicin

AspirEase 1.43kg

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