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  • For use on all gears, bushings, and shafts.
  • Works on all gauges.
  • Plastic compatible.
  • Applies with a small applicator like a toothpick or brush.
  • Excess lubricant may be returned to bottle.
  • For all motor bushings, bearings, valve gear, axles, and side rods.
  • "Needle point" applicator is included.
  • Plastic compatible.
  • Locomotive motor lubricant and track cleaner.
  • Restores and lubes commutators and brushes.
  • "Needle point" applicator is included.
  • Plastic compatible.
  • Atlas lubricants can be removed from the treated area by using rubbing alcohol. Lubricants are safe and non-toxic. Conducta lube cleaner is practically non-toxic.
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      Atlas Model ATM193 Loco-Track Maintenance 3 Pack

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