The Autolite 5224 Copper Spark Plug is guaranteed to deliver quick starts, good fuel economy and smooth acceleration. Autolite Copper Core plugs are your industry standard.

Autolite makes plugs for American, Japanese, European, and Korean cars as well as plugs for Lawn & Garden and Power Sports. As a leading supplier of spark plugs, the Autolite brand has the right ignition products for your application, regardless of make or model, import or domestic.

  • Copper-glass seal bonded insulator, terminal post, and center electrode provide a tight seal that is 100 percent leak-proof
  • Multi-rib insulator reduces danger of "flash-over" to prevent misfires
  • Full copper core electrode improves heat transfer and optimizes plug life
  • Copper core center electrode provides higher thermal conductivity
  • Features high alumina ceramic for high dielectric strength and steel shell for installation robustness
Dimensions0.3 x 0.2 x 12.6 inches

Autolite 5224 Copper Spark Plug


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