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AUTOSLIDE™ Pet Doormat Kit
Don't want to mount any sensors to your door frame or walls? Then the Autoslide
Pet Doormat Kit is the perfect choice for you. With a large surface area, you
and your pets can easily activate the pressure sensor mat with only slight
pressure. You can decide if you want it set just for the Pet Mode or to be
activated in both Normal Mode and Pet Mode.
The new Pressure Mat slides under your doormat and activates the door via radio transmitter when
triggered by your pet. This simple to use device can be moved around to gain the
best method of approach by your pet. The transmitter uses Velcro to attach to
the door frame and the mat is positioned under a conveniently located doormat.
This Doormat Kit includes two mats so you will be able to activate your new
automatic door system from both inside and outside. It also comes with the two
wall-mounted wireless push button sensors for an alternate choice in activation.
Take advantage of the energy savings and improve your quality of life at home
with the Doormat Kit.
Doormat Kit Includes
* One AUTOSLIDE™ drive system
* One Aluminium cover
* Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
* Two Large Pressure Mats with transmitters
* One Low voltage plug-in power pack
* Two 20" racks with assembly kit
* Friction Tester
* Installation screws and Allen key
* Instruction booklet & Installation DVD
Technical Specifications
Maximum Door Weight: 200 lbs
Maximum Drag Weight: 12 lbs.

    Autoslide Pet Doormat Kit - Black


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